The National Latinx Conference on HIV/HCV/SUD aims to provide Healthcare and Social Service Providers with innovative concepts, best practices, and new information on how to better serve Latinx communities. Our workshops will cover a wide range of topics essential to all healthcare providers and practitioners who serve the Latinx Community. The aim is to provide effective treatment and consultations with the overall goal of improving patient health outcomes. This conference represents an important step towards fulfilling the goals of the 2021 National HIV/AIDS Strategy and bringing the needs of Latinx community to the forefront in the fight against HIV, HCV and SUD.

Conference Goals

Increase knowledge, communication and respectful attitudes regarding HIV, HCV and SUD among Latinx communities; Discuss the cultural and social barriers faced by Latinos in seeking/receiving treatment, care, and prevention for HIV, HCV and SUD; Recognize the impact of HIV, HCV and SUD among Latinx communities when compared to other national populations; Identify culturally tailored medical practices and interventions to Latinx patients and populations in order to provide better health outcomes for the Latinx communities; Decrease stigma and increase health equity and health literacy.