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El Paso, TX

Some may wonder why in El Paso...

El Paso is at the far western tip of Texas, where New Mexico and the Mexican state of Chihuahua meet in a harsh desert environment around the slopes of Mount Franklin on the Rio Grande, which has often been compared to the Nile. As they approached the Rio Grande from the south, Spaniards in the sixteenth century viewed two mountain ranges rising out of the desert with a deep chasm between. This site they named El Paso del Norte (the Pass of the North), the future location of two border cities—Ciudad Juárez on the south or right bank of the Rio Grande, and El Paso, Texas, on the opposite side of the river. 

El Paso, TX is the third safest city in the United States of America.  It has continuously been in the top 10 safest cities over the years.


In 2019 the city of El Paso was struck by tragedy driven by racism and hate.  Twenty three people lost their lives in a senseless act of violence at a Wal-Mart just for being hispanic/latino.  The people of El Paso are a tight knit community and they came together to support one another in the aftermath.  They coined the term "El Paso Strong" to show that their community is one that is strong and proud for who they are and what they represent. 

There are many border cities on the US/Mexico Border from San Isidro, CA to Brownsville, TX which stretches approximately 2000 miles.  El Paso is one of those cities which sits on the Texas/Mexico Border and has a history of being a passage way for new beginnings and exploration.  We decided to host our annual National Latinx Conference on HIV/HCV/SUD in El Paso for our attendees to have a first hand experience of Border Life.  Border cities are embedded with their multicultural experiences, cultivate a real sense of community and we have the best tacos.  People in the area live, work and play on both sides of the border which also includes its  neighboring state of New Mexico.  You can work in El Paso, cross over to Ciudad Juarez for lunch and then after work you can drive to New Mexico for some fresh roasted Green Chili. 

Part of the experience in El Paso is that of asylum seekers.  You may get to experience seeing asylum seekers around town who just came over from their home countries escaping violence and persecution.  From families to young people arriving on their own in a strange new land, the narrative may sometimes be presented as these individuals posing a threat on our everyday lives.  You will soon come to learn that this is not the case. As El Paso has always been, a passage way for a better life. 

We are very excited to welcome you to this culturally rich city.  Inviting you to El Paso is like inviting you to our home for some great conversations over great tasting food.  There will be a lot of "Positive Chisme (gossip)" and we cant wait to share it and listen to it. 

-Conference Organizers

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